Here are some fun facts about why we use our Triple Sea Salt Blend for all of our vegetable ferments and bone broths! We chose 3 distinct sea salts from around the world that provide different sets of flavor profiles and mineral content. The Brazilian Pedra do Sal is harvested from the South Atlantic Coast of Brazil. This sea salt is made by the slow solar evaporation of sea water, and contains many of the trace minerals naturally found in the ocean. The Himalayan Pink Sea Salt comes from salt mines 5,000 feet below the Himalayan Mountain Range and its pink color is indicative of its high mineral content from the area. The Hawaiian Red Alaea Sea Salt is freshly harvested from the unspoiled water off the coast of Molokai and mixed with the finest Red Alaea clay from veins between layers of lava rock. These 3 sea salts are rich in over 80 minerals and electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium.

Why is mineral content important? In a world of highly refined foods and depleted soil, it is very important to find quality sources of trace minerals since they can play an integral part in specific processes in the body. Most refined table salt is around 99% NaCl or Sodium Chloride along with potential anti-caking agents like calcium silicate and even added sugar. Sea salts, specifically the ones we chose for our blend, contain earth and ocean minerals which allows the Sodium Chloride content to drop between 85-90% while adding a depth of flavor that is not found in table salt. For these reasons, we use our Triple Sea Salt Blend whenever salt is called for in a recipe and we even sell it in our shop too!