Eat Better, Move Better, Sleep Better, Live Better


As you embark on a NEW YEAR, this is a great time to evaluate YOU and create a plan to improve your health, happiness, and the quality of your life. As a chiropractor, people often ask me, what is the key to health? Unfortunately, health can’t be whittled down to just one thing. Health comes from doing MANY things, CONSISTENTLY, over a period of time. To BE healthy, you must DO healthy things!

Here are is a simple guide with 4 Easy-to-Follow steps that you can incorporate into your daily life TODAY to start improving your health. The more CONSISTENT you are with these steps, the BETTER your health will be. Focus on (1) eating better, (2) moving better, (3) sleeping better, and (4) living better. Remember, health comes from the inside-out. Crisis care is from the outside-in.

  1. Eat Better
    • You are what you eat: Clean up your diet by reducing or eliminating processed foods, eating organic fruits and vegetables, eating pastured raised meats and eggs, drinking raw milk, reducing sugar, drinking plenty of water daily, and chewing your food more thoroughly.
    • Eat fermented foods: 70% of your immune system comes from your gastrointestinal tract! Your gut microbiota (bacteria) are critical in helping to balance the health of your immune and digestive systems. Therefore, eat fermented foods daily! Drink fermented drinks like Fermentation Farm’s kombucha, kefir soda, ginger soda, and root beer. Daily!
  2. Move Better
    • Posture: Your posture is a critical aspect of your overall health. Day-to-day stress from prolonged sitting in front of a computer wreaks havoc on your posture, affecting both your spine and nervous system. To improve your posture, get up from your desk every hour and stretch! PLUS go for a brief walk. If possible, transition to a standing desk and aim to stand 80% of your day. To correct postural stresses, get your spine checked by a chiropractor. Adjustments help correct your alignment, allowing your body to function better by reducing stress and tension on your spine and nervous system.
    • Work on flexibility: As you age, your flexibility becomes critical to the health of your musculoskeletal system. Spend time each day working on flexibility by stretching and/or using a foam roller to loosen up tight muscles.
    • Exercise: Your body was designed to move! Daily exercise plays an essential role in improving overall health. It is important to create a workout program which incorporates 3 areas of fitness: (1) cardiovascular fitness, (2) strength training and (3) flexibility. The goal is to move every joint every day! Remember start slow and build up over time and most importantly, listen to your body!
  3. Sleep Better
    • Get a good night’s rest: Your body will thank you! Your body heals and repairs when you sleep so aim for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.
  4. Live Better
    • Make every day your best day: You are the creator of your own masterpiece! Live for today, but plan for the future. Live with gratitude and be thankful for each day.

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