Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership


Give the Gift of Membership!
When you purchase a Lifetime Membership as a gift for your favorite fermented foodie, we'll mail a special certificate to you or directly to your recipient!

Why the Membership?
First and foremost, it is our mission to build a community of people that care deeply about where their food comes from and value the handcrafted nature of traditional, nourishing foods. We have set out to provide healing foods to the community and we would love to take you on this journey with us.

Here is what the membership allows us to do:

  • Source only the best local and ORGANIC ingredients, which means we will never use lower quality or cheaper ingredients in our products
  • Use SAFE and reusable packaging
  • Provide UNLIMITED samples of every product we make
  • Source the most UNIQUE, handcrafted products for our shelves
  • Provide classes where we will teach you EXACTLY how we make our products and give you our recipes
  • Provide FREE talks where we will bring in local experts to share their knowledge and insights
  • Train our staff to be KNOWLEDGEABLE about each product so they can spend additional time with you and answer any questions you may have

Our membership gives you access to everything in our shop, our staff, our knowledge, and our community.

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If you would like to buy multiple memberships, please add each membership to your card separately so we can collect the appropriate mailing information for each membership.