Zingy Yogurt Class Video - Digital Download + Booklet

Zingy Yogurt Class Video - Digital Download + Booklet


Have you been wanting to learn how to make our award-winning Zingy Yogurt but are unable to make it to a class in our shop? Would you like to turn your home into a fun, yogurt-making factory? Then this video is for you!

Zingy Yogurt is the pride and joy of Fermentation Farm. It is a labor of love and the end result is an amazingly delicious and nutritious super food. Join Dr. Yasmine Mason as she delves into our method of fermenting this raw dairy delight. For you non-dairy lovers out there, we've also included the process for making our Coconut Zingy Yogurt in this video! Each video purchase includes a class booklet mailed right to your doorstep! 

Now that you'll get to know the basics of making this amazingly delicious and nutritious super food, the sky is the limit on how much Zingy Yogurt you can create at home! Happy Fermenting!

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The mother culture (viili) is available for purchase in our Costa Mesa shop for $15 or it can be overnighted in refrigerated packaging for $60. Click here if you would like to purchase this overnight option.