It's cold and flu season again, but does it have to be?


This time of year, I get questions from many of you about how to boost your immune system. The fall/winter season is commonly known as “Cold and Flu Season,” but if you rarely or never get a cold or flu, it is simply just fall or winter. Illness in the fall or winter is COMMON but it is in no way NORMAL. The definition of normal is the absence of symptoms or disease, so having a cold or the flu cannot be normal. Unfortunately, we often confuse the words “common” with “normal” which makes us think that we WILL get cold or flu symptoms at some point during this season. Once you realize that it is possible to go many years without a cold or flu, you can make strides toward keeping your immune system healthy year round. The stronger your immune system is, the better your overall health will be. 

I’ve put together a list of products and supplements you can implement into your daily life to drastically reduce your chances of getting a cold or flu any time of year. Make sure to read all the way to the end and check out our fantastic Cleansing Promotion for any of you who would like to start the new year off cleansed, refreshed, and ready to take on the New Year!

Fermentation Farm Products → Healthy Gut = Healthy Life

Fermented products should be ingested daily to improve how the digestive system is functioning. If you are suffering from an imbalance in your gut biome, then incorporating probiotic-rich, fermented foods could really help your digestive system work better and by default, boost your immune system. A few tablespoons per day of foods like fermented vegetables, fermented coconut yogurt, natto, or 6-12 oz of drinks like kombucha, or any of our fermented ginger beverages, will get you started on the right track.

In addition, bone broth and collagen are perfect foods for gut healing. Once again, you can improve your overall health and immune system strength by improving your gut health.

Let’s recap a list of Fermentation Farm’s immune-boosting, gut-healing, probiotic-rich products:

  • FF Chicken or Beef Bone Broth with additional collagen added -- Gut healing
  • FF Fermented Vegetables -- Probiotic-rich, gut-healing
  • FF Fermented Tonics and Brines, including our Master Tonic -- Anti-inflammatory, probiotic-rich daily immune support
  • FF Fermented Coconut Zingy Yogurt -- Probiotic-rich, gut-healing, and dairy-free
  • FF Kombucha -- Probiotic-rich, cleansing for the detox organs
  • FF Fermented Ginger Beverages: Ginger Soda, Vanilla Soda or Root Beer -- Probiotic-rich, cleansing for the detox organs
  • FF Elderberry Syrup (new product!) -- Daily immune support 

Other products we carry:

  • NYrture Natto -- High in K2, daily immune and cardiovascular system support
  • Great Lakes Collagen -- Gut healing
  • Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend -- High in Vitamin D3, A, and K2


We carry many gut-healing and immune system-boosting supplements. Feel free to email me directly at if you have questions regarding what supplements to take for particular ailments you may be experiencing. Here are some general immune system supplements we carry:

  • Andrographis Complex -- Strong herbs to boost your immune system at the onset of a cold or the flu
  • Congaplex -- Immune support for an ongoing cold or flu
  • Chewable Congaplex for kids -- Immune support for kids
  • Vitamin D3 with K2 -- Daily immune support
  • Theralac Pro -- Full spectrum probiotic capsule for gut support
  • TruBifido Pro -- Colon-specific probiotic capsule for gut support
  • Broncafect and Resco -- Respiratory cleanse and support for stubborn, non-productive coughs
  • Herbal Throat Spray -- Upper respiratory system and healthy mucosal tissue support

Standard Process 21-day Purification Program

If you are looking for an amazing cleanse program for the new year, look no further! Standard Process’ 21-day Purification Program has everything you need to get that fresh start. Dr. Derek and I have been using this detox program ourselves and with our patients for the past 18 years with amazing results! 

This 21-Day Program is designed to cleanse all 5 detoxification systems in your body: the liver, kidneys, colon, blood, and lymph. By removing environmental toxins and internal stress toxins, like cortisol, you will be on your way to a healthier YOU in just 21 days.

The program provides you with 2 shakes per day to go along with 1 healthy meal of your choice. Plus you'll get capsules of cleansing, fortifying herbs and concentrated nutrients. The program includes a 60-page booklet with recipes and trackers for ultimate success! Just click on the button below if you would like more details about the program. We will also let you how how you can save by cleansing with a “buddy.”

Thank you for your loyalty to Fermentation Farm, we really appreciate your business. Let me know if you have any questions at all! We are here to help. Happy New Year!

In health,

Yasmine Mason, DC


Eat Better, Move Better, Sleep Better, Live Better


As you embark on a NEW YEAR, this is a great time to evaluate YOU and create a plan to improve your health, happiness, and the quality of your life. As a chiropractor, people often ask me, what is the key to health? Unfortunately, health can’t be whittled down to just one thing. Health comes from doing MANY things, CONSISTENTLY, over a period of time. To BE healthy, you must DO healthy things!

Here are is a simple guide with 4 Easy-to-Follow steps that you can incorporate into your daily life TODAY to start improving your health. The more CONSISTENT you are with these steps, the BETTER your health will be. Focus on (1) eating better, (2) moving better, (3) sleeping better, and (4) living better. Remember, health comes from the inside-out. Crisis care is from the outside-in.

  1. Eat Better
    • You are what you eat: Clean up your diet by reducing or eliminating processed foods, eating organic fruits and vegetables, eating pastured raised meats and eggs, drinking raw milk, reducing sugar, drinking plenty of water daily, and chewing your food more thoroughly.
    • Eat fermented foods: 70% of your immune system comes from your gastrointestinal tract! Your gut microbiota (bacteria) are critical in helping to balance the health of your immune and digestive systems. Therefore, eat fermented foods daily! Drink fermented drinks like Fermentation Farm’s kombucha, kefir soda, ginger soda, and root beer. Daily!
  2. Move Better
    • Posture: Your posture is a critical aspect of your overall health. Day-to-day stress from prolonged sitting in front of a computer wreaks havoc on your posture, affecting both your spine and nervous system. To improve your posture, get up from your desk every hour and stretch! PLUS go for a brief walk. If possible, transition to a standing desk and aim to stand 80% of your day. To correct postural stresses, get your spine checked by a chiropractor. Adjustments help correct your alignment, allowing your body to function better by reducing stress and tension on your spine and nervous system.
    • Work on flexibility: As you age, your flexibility becomes critical to the health of your musculoskeletal system. Spend time each day working on flexibility by stretching and/or using a foam roller to loosen up tight muscles.
    • Exercise: Your body was designed to move! Daily exercise plays an essential role in improving overall health. It is important to create a workout program which incorporates 3 areas of fitness: (1) cardiovascular fitness, (2) strength training and (3) flexibility. The goal is to move every joint every day! Remember start slow and build up over time and most importantly, listen to your body!
  3. Sleep Better
    • Get a good night’s rest: Your body will thank you! Your body heals and repairs when you sleep so aim for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.
  4. Live Better
    • Make every day your best day: You are the creator of your own masterpiece! Live for today, but plan for the future. Live with gratitude and be thankful for each day.

If you would like to discuss these topics in more detail or would like a FREE Chiropractic Examination and computerized nerve and muscle scan, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (949) 752-5533 or email me at

In Health,

Derek Mason, DC

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Foundation for Fermentation Fervor, Residency Program with Sandor Katz

I read about this residency program in a newspaper article about three years ago, then after attending the program, one of our members mentioned it to me about 6 months ago. From the second I learned that Sandor Katz offered this fermentation program at his private residence in Liberty, Tennessee, of course I wanted to apply!

Let’s rewind the clock 8 years: I was a Doctor of Chiropractic turned stay-at-home mom…and I got the fermenting bug! Literally! After years of listening to patients complain about their myriad of digestive issues, I started introducing the idea of fermenting vegetables and drinks to them. I initially learned how to ferment from reading Sandor Katz’ book, Wild Fermentation (2003), then delved even deeper into the subject with his second book, The Art of Fermentation (2012). I was so enamored with his simple approach to this age-old method of food preservation. He is considered “the” fermentation revivalist and has been lovingly given the nickname Sandor Kraut.

Now fast forward to November 2, 2016…I boarded a plane at John Wayne Airport here in Orange County, CA and set out to learn as much as I could from the man who first sparked the fermentation fire in me. Arriving in Nashville, I was met by Spiky, Sandor’s assistant who kindly drove me to Sandor’s home. On the 2 hour ride, Spiky filled me in on how the week was going to go. I learned about Short Mountain where Sandor lives, and that 13 students from all around the US and even a few from Europe and Mexico, were accepted into the program this session.

One of the many highlights of my week was a “field trip” we took to a biodynamic farm in Red Boiling Springs, TN. Jeff Poppen welcomed us to his farm, better known in the area as “The Barefoot Farmer” and yes, he was barefoot. He taught us how he grows his vegetables with no pesticides or herbicides by growing synergistic herbs and grains with his crops. His method is truly amazing, and it works! We spent the afternoon picking 600 pounds of turnips and daikon radish that we piled into the back of Sandor’s pickup truck to ferment the next day. What an amazing demonstration of teamwork! 16 of us washed, shredded, chopped, and salted 600 pounds of veggies in about 4 hours, perfectly orchestrated by Sandor himself. We packed a 200-quart vessel in his root cellar nearly to the top! He’ll have fermented veggies to eat and share for about a year. One interesting thing I learned was that adding whole vegetables along with the shredded ones makes for an amazing treat! Sandor likes to dig one of the whole daikon out to slice and present on a platter for parties and special gatherings.

Over the course of the week we not only learned about fermenting vegetables, but were also introduced to many different processes of fermenting like miso and tempeh; amazake, a fermented rice porridge; sourdough and buckwheat breads; dosa, an Indian ferment made with blended rice and lentils into a pancake-type batter; lightly fermented beverages like kombucha, kvass and sweet potato fly; Ethiopian injera bread; mead, a honey wine; gochujang, a Korean fermented red chili paste; and so much more! The best part was that my fellow classmates were very knowledgeable that I learned so much from them too. We all brought ferments to share with each other and had an amazing kraut bar at every meal. 

I am looking forward to sharing what I learned with all of you through our series of classes at Fermentation Farm. Watch our monthly newsletter for new classes! And if we are lucky enough to have Sandor stop by for a book signing I will let you know. He is an amazing person with such a passion for teaching others. My experience at his home is something I will never forget.

Keep learning and fermenting!

Yasmine Mason, DC

 Sandor and I :)

Sandor and I :)

 Turnips and Daikon! As organic as it gets!

Turnips and Daikon! As organic as it gets!

 Teamwork with Sandor leading the charge

Teamwork with Sandor leading the charge

 Fermented bread

Fermented bread